From Awkward to Awesome:

How Leaders Can Hold High-Impact 1:1s

A Live Event Hosted by Qualigence CEO Steve Lowisz and OpenBlend CEO Anna Rasmussen  

Awkward. Uncomfortable. Unproductive. 

We’ve all had 1:1s that were just a waste of time. 

As a leader, it can be very difficult to handle these conversations. 

What questions do you ask? How do you tactfully talk about performance issues?  

...and what if you straight-up don’t like each other? 

It’s a shame...because 1:1s can be the most POWERFUL tool a leader has. 

You can leverage them to beat tough workplace issues like engagement, turnover and team performance – but only if you know what you’re doing. 

Join this live event and learn: 

  • How to get team members to open up and share their honest perspectives 
  • How to talk about sensitive topics like performance issues and personality clashes 
  • How to leverage these 1:1 conversations to inspire your people to deliver their best 

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August 16, 2022 at 11am EST/ 4pm BST

Register now and learn how you can hold one-on-one conversations that energize your teams and inspire them to excel:

Steve Lowisz

CEO, Qualigence International

With over 20 years of business leadership experience, Steve is ready to help you solve challenges like turnover, fix ineffective leadership and get the most from your teams.

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