Driving Team Performance During the Great Resignation

Uncover what motivates your team members 

Employees are quitting at record rates. 

Meanwhile, engagement is nosediving on hybrid teams... 

But it doesn't have to be this way.

If you’re looking to drive team performance, you need to join our webinar:

Driving Team Performance During the Great Resignation

March 3rd at 11am

  • We’ll teach you how to hold 1:1 conversations to uncover what MOTIVATES your team members... 
  • And give you the techniques to coach your team members to pursue those goals and thrive in the workplace. 

The traditional approach to performance management DOESN'T WORK! It's time to leverage one-on-one conversations to inspire teams to go above and beyond...day in, day out.

Register now and learn how you can hold one-on-one conversations that energize your teams and inspire them to excel:

Steve Lowisz

CEO, Qualigence International

With over 20 years of business leadership experience, Steve is ready to help you solve challenges like turnover, fix ineffective leadership and get the most from your teams.

Connect with Steve for more information: (212) 390-0010