Difficult Conversations

With Steve Lowisz and James Reid

It’s Downright Toxic. 

Between politics, mask/vaccine arguments, and interpersonal conflict, today’s workplace is more contentious than ever before. 

Unfortunately, most HR leaders shy away from the difficult conversations needed to address these topics. 

But this breeds resentment and division, which leads to turnover, low engagement, and low team morale. 

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Join our webinar on DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS and learn how HR leaders can turn disagreements into opportunities to grow your teams. 
You’ll learn how to approach difficult conversations from the leadership side AND the legal angle - uniting your people and inspiring teams to work together. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand what makes difficult conversations DIFFICULT and why we avoid them 
  • Learn why difficult conversations are NECESSARY 
  • Get the tools to productively disagree and move forward as a team 
  • Know when difficult conversations could lead to legal trouble 


Steve Lowisz
CEO & Founder
Qualigence International
James Reid
Attorney & Partner,