Why Most Leadership Training Sucks!


Live Webinar: May 23, 2022

Let’s face it.

Leadership training sucks!

Many leadership courses sound great on paper...but they’re delivered by someone who’s never led teams or applied their own lessons!

In this webinar, our hosts Steve Lowisz and James Reid will break down WHY leadership training so often misses the mark, and how you can do better. 

Join us for this lively webinar and learn:
  • Learn why you spend thousands on leadership training but your leaders still suck
  • Why a focus on process over people creates your team’s worst nightmare
  • How to help your leaders go from BULLYING their teams to influencing them to follow their lead 

It’s time to give leaders the tools they need to succeed. Join us for this webinar and learn how! 

Steve Lowisz
CEO & Founder
Qualigence International
James Reid
Attorney & Partner,